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Top Ten Tips for Armed Catholics



1. Be Responsible

Follow the Universal Rules of Gun Safety at all times! Keep guns secure, out of the hands of unauthorized people. Know the laws that apply to your area, and follow all laws that are not immoral.


2. New Shooters

Introduce people to recreational shooting in a safe and fun way!



3. Call Reps

Communicate with your elected representatives about legislation related to self-defense. Ask them how they are helping protect your rights. What bills are they authoring or sponsoring to preserve the human right of self-defense?



4. Join Groups

National and state groups are fighting for your right of self-defense, and they need your help! NRA, SAF, GOA



5. Educate

Share with Catholics about what the Church teaches on armed self-defense. Don't give money to priests or charities who want to ban guns. Educate others on responsible gun ownership.

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6. Social Media

Inform others online about responsible firearms ownership. Don't be a jerk or act like a fool when representing gun ownership. If you are discussing guns with someone who hates guns, take the high road, and don't be insulting, don't be condescending, don't be smug. Be persuasive. Agree to disagree. Offer knowledge when it is invited.



7. Get Training

 Seek firearms training from credentialed, competent and experienced instructors.



8. Vote

Get registered and vote for leaders who will recognize your natural human right of self-defense.



9. Concealed Carry

Are you a clairvoyant? If not, you will not know in advance if you will be a victim of planned or random violence. Gangsters and criminals don't set appointments. When you are out-and-about, your self-protection gun will not help you if it is locked up at home. Find out the laws in your location, and keep your protection with you.



10. Have Fun!

If you are always practicing gun safety, enjoying a day at the range is a great time!