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Thinking through "Turn the Other Cheek"

Many Christians think that "turn the other cheek" equates to a form of absolute pacifism, which means that Christians have to tolerate criminal violence, and Christians cannot use force or the threat of force. Often these pacifist Christians will say that the proper response to criminal violence is to simply call the police.

Pacifists often rely on people who aren't.

These pacifist Christians need to think through this solution to the problem of criminal violence.

In the U.S., they need not call the police when their home is broken into or if they are being shot at. Because the police are going to send a person with tools of violence; a gun and a knight stick and a tazer and pepper spray. Someone is on the way to your location who is authorized by the government to use violence to maintain safety. If the Gospel imperative is seen as responding to violence with non-violence in every circumstance, then calling the police is un-Christian.