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Merciful Protection

Correct self-defense is an act of compassion and mercy and Gospel Love, based on the infinite value of the human person given by God.

Correct self-defense means justified by the circumstances, and proportionate to the attack.

The potential spiritual benefit of correct self-defense is three-fold: protecting the victim from harm, stopping an evil act in the present time, and preventing future evil.


Personal protection is an act of charity by preventing someone from finishing a horrible deed that would leave spiritual scars on the souls of the victim(s) and the attacker(s).


Allowing an evil plan to unfold would further debase the criminal doing the evil.

Permitting grave harm enables the person choosing evil to continue in the path of evil.

Spiritual harm to the attacker in doing grave evil is worse than physical harm that may come to the attacker because of self-defense.


In general, the best way to ensure that someone continues doing a specific action is to reward them for the act. When we give criminals what they want, we encourage them to continue hurting innocent people.

Personal defense banishes a terrible guilt, because if the perpetrator had completed their evil plans, a completed evil act is obviously worse than an interrupted evil. Certainly we hope that the attacker may one day realize their wrong and have terrible shame.

Allowing the terrible act to be done would usually bring the perpetrator further into the downward spiral of evil.

Not defending oneself against senseless criminal violence is a way of allowing deeper sin and evil to occur and to endure.

Better to pluck out the eye...better to prevent the injury of an innocent person.

As Plato said, "He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers it."

By preserving the almost-victim from harm and preventing the attacker from the spiritual harm of doing grave evil, self-defense saves the dignity of the victim and the attacker, making personal protection an act of love.